Nippori Area Attraction 日暮里地區觀光

Convenient root to look around from the flat Flat→Nippori→Ueno→Asakusa→Ginza→Tokyo→Odaiba   從民宿到觀光地(換車方便) 民宿→日暮里→上野→浅草→銀座→東京→台場   1.Nippori(日暮里) ・Nippori Textile Town ・日暮里繊維街 ・Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street ・谷中銀座     2.Ueno(上野) ・AMEYOKO (アメ横) ・阿美橫丁 ・UENO PARK… Read more »

Kimono& Shakyo practice Plan @a cozy temple Asakusa 21,May10am~(13,000JPY, shakyo only3,000JPY)

Enjoy Tokyo in Kimono and experience Shakyo practice . [su_video url=”” poster=””] <10:00am-10:30am> ・Hair styling(if needed) ・Kimono dressing <10:30am-11:15am> ・Shakyo practice <11:15am-11: 45am> ・Tea break enjou Japanese tea and sweet above… Read more »

3/27 Evening in Ueno

Ueno is known as the popular Ohanami(see flowers bloom) place. Although the flowers not bloom yet, but there still has many visitors everyday. I was pass by the Ueno on… Read more »