Sakura in Ueno is ready to bloom

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The Ueno Park  is the most famous location to do Hanami (Flower view), Sakura Cherry Blossoms.

The Park has already prepared areas under the trees for Ohanami.


The Location for Ohanami is on the both side of the Road, under the Cherry Blossom Trees toward the Center of the Ueno Park.


You can already see the buds on the bough.



Some of the Tree has already bloomed, but it’s not Sakura.


From the Lake of Ueno the park, this is an amazing when the Sakura blooms.

Can you imagine what an amazing sight it will be? Yes, all Pink.


You can also get different japanese Food at the Ueno Market after enjoying the Cherry Blossoms.


Like e.g. the Sashimi-don (Rice with Sashimi topping.



…of course there are a lot more choices of foods.
This years full bloom starts from 27th March for about 10 days.

So when you visit Japan in this March, do not miss the Cherry Blossom period.

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