Tsukiji Shijyo 築地市場

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Tsukiji Shijo is the most famous morning fresh seafood market in Tokyo and you can directly access it by Oedo Line.

Higashi-shinjuku is the station No.02 of the Oedo Line, and the Tsukiji Shijo is the station No.18, it takes about 35 minutes to arrive.
* Be noticed: The market is closed on Sundays and two times a month on Wednesday.IMG_0114

We went on a Sunday morning, so could not see the auction how they sell the fresh seafood, but the small seafood restaurants are still open, so we had sashimi there.

They made the Seafood directly in front of your eyes, it was very interesting to see.



And the taste? You bet it’s delicious!

It’s not expensive, the most kaisen-dons (rice with seafood topping) costs about 900 YEN.

IMG_0131 IMG_0132

And for Sashimi plates it costs about 1500 YEN. (like shown in the picture below.)IMG_0134 IMG_0135

If you visit the Tsukiji Shijyo, you should go around and you will find many more Restaurants around there. If you don’t like raw Seafood, in some restaurants they will grill the seefood and the smell is really attracting.

Here is the Tsukiji-Shijo map and the Restaurants are pointed out on it as you can see!


After visit Tsukiji-Shijyo and then you can visit Ryogoku the suumo town and the Historical Museum of Japan, it’s all by the same line.

Have fun!


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